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Natsu Uchiha by Ashirogi28

This is my very first fanfiction ever, so I hope you enjoy! I don't write that often so my skills aren't the best, but as long as you can understand what's happening:P This is a Naruto and FairyTail crossover. I don't own the characters and whatnot. I based this story off of the first chapter/episode of FairyTail. I did try to change some things up so it wouldn't be a boring repeat. Well anyway, enjoy!!!
WARNING!!! This might contain spoilers, especially for Naruto. You've been warned!  

The Fairy Tail of Konoha


            Well over a decade had passed since the Fourth Shinobi World War. Konohagakure had become one of the greatest and most powerful villages in the known world, due to their 7th Hokage, Uzamaki Naruto, the champion of the war. Many clans had moved to Konohagakure from countries all over to become a Konoha shinobi, and one of them was a girl known as Lucy Fairy Tail. She was granted special permission by the Hokage himself to come as a substitute for a lost member of their new team 10 graduates. The Fairy Tail clan had become extremely rare and only a handful were left. They are not known for their use of Chakra, but those who can, have become something of myth. They have a special summoning technique that can command creatures of another dimension to appear.

            “Are you sure there are no fancy keys around here?” Lucy leaned against the counter. The old man yawned and waved her away. This was the third locksmith shop she had been to on her way to Konoha. Celestial Keys could be anywhere, hidden and no one would know. Of course she’s the only who could generate her chakra through them, so they would be worthless to anyone else. “Alright, well thanks anyway.” Lucy made her way out of the shop and into the street. She pulled her map out of her thigh pouch. She sighed. It would be another two miles to Konohagakure. Thankfully this area was surrounded by trees all the way to the village so she would just have to bound from limb to limb. The sky was clear and it was cool out, so it would be a great day to travel. She was so happy to have the honor of becoming a Konaha ninja. Lucy trained every day in her ninjitsu and taijutsu. She had to admit that the taijitsu part was always hard and she would never become that great at it.
            Lucy’s stomach growled. She hadn’t eaten since breakfast and decided to find something for on the way. As she made her way to a stand, there was a sudden squeal behind her. “Kyaaaa it’s Sasuke Uchiha! THE Sasuke Uchiha! He’s here!” Ten girls stormed past her and towards a large crowd of people surrounding a man. Lucy gasped. Could it be? The Sasuke Uchiha that fought in the war?! No one had seen him in years and he’s here?! Lucy ran past the girls and easily bounded over the crowd to witness this amazing man.
“Well hello there.” Lucy looked up. Her eyes met a pair of deep red irises. Sasuke smiled at her. “My, aren’t you a looker?” Lucy’s heart pounded. “SASUKE!!!” The females of the fan group cheered and crowded towards them. “I am Sasuke Uchiha! The man that fought with the 7th Hokage and defeated Kaguya!” He boomed. “Kyaaaaa!!!” The fan girls went wild. Lucy looked up in wonder and her heart began to pound. Wha-what is this? My chest feels as though it’s about to burst! Lucy became overwhelmed just being in his presence. “S-Sasuke...” He looked at her and winked. “You are all invited to my palace on the mountain! It would be a shame not to see such lovely faces there.” The crowd was in an uproar of cheers and squeals until someone abruptly shoved Lucy aside. “Indra!!!” All eyes shifted to a young man with rosy hair and a scaly scarf. Something snapped in Lucy. The hearts fell from her eyes and she realized genjutsu had been placed on her. It was broken when the young man entered. The man just stood there staring at Sasuke. An awkward silence arose for several minutes until it was broken by the rose hired man. “You’re not Indra.” Sasuke fidgeted a bit. “Well there’s nothing to see. I’m leaving.” The young man made his way out of the crowd. “WHAT?!!!” A mob of girls attacked the man. “How dare you treat Sasuke Uchiha like that!!!” one shouted. The rose haired man was then thrown into a wall. Lucy ran after him. “Now, now ladies. Let him go and come with me.” Sasuke and the crowd departed. Lucy put her hand out towards the man. “Are you alright? Man what a jerk, using genjutsu like that.” The young man took her hand. “Thanks for breaking me out of it.” Lucy smiled. “Uh, yeah…” He looked at her questioning. “My name is Lucy Fairy Tail, and you?” The man stood up straight. “It’s Na-“
            Natsu was interrupted by a blue blur that flew past Lucy and into his arms. A blue cat began crying in his sleeve.
“Happy! There you are.”
“*sniff* Where were you? *sob*”
            Natsu stroked his head. “I thought I found Indra, but it was a fake.” Happy looked up. “Someone was impersonating him? How mean!” The two went on a rant of how indecent it was to do such a thing as Lucy quietly watched them. She could see Natsu was okay so Lucy began to make her way towards the town’s exit until, she realized something. Her keys were missing! All of them! “What’s wrong?” Natsu had finished his conversation with the blue cat. “M-my keys are gone! Sasuke must have taken them…” Lucy began to panic. No, there would be no panicking. She was going to be a Konoha ninja. She could do something about it. That’s it, she was going to go beat him to smitherings for casting that genjutsu and taking her valuable keys.  Lucy began to run towards his castle.

            The traditional styled castle was full of life. Girls and gowns were everywhere, and at the center was Sasuke Uchiha. Lucy had transformed herself to look like one of his attendants and so far it was working. She had to be extremely careful if her plan was to work. Natsu had claimed he wasn’t the real thing, but he had sharingan and had used genjutsu on everyone, so it wouldn’t be wise to slack off. Lucy cautiously made her way towards him holding a tray of delicacies. As she came close to him, she scanned for her keys and found them sticking out of his side pocket. It all depended on the distraction and she could grab the keys. Lucy was reconsidering fighting him and just wanted to get the keys, leave, and be on her way to Konoha.
“Some mochi Sasuke-sama?”
            Lucy presented the tray towards him.
“Of course! Why it would be a crime to say no to such a beautiful creature as yourself.”
            Lucy inwardly rolled her eyes, but so far he hadn’t noticed the disguise. Now all she had to do was lift the tray to make a blind spot and grab the keys.  His hand reached out and grabbed one while Lucy reached for her treasure. She was inches from her keys when there was a thump behind her.
“Oh, I feel so…so…”
            Glasses shattered everywhere as all the woman fell to the ground unconscious. It was the drinks. Sasuke must have spiked them. Lucy quickly swiped for her keys, but her wrist was caught by his hand. She looked up as her transformation disappeared.
“Well, if it isn’t the girl from earlier.”
            Lucy fought out of his grip but was grabbed by several men before she could reach her kunai. Lucy couldn’t escape they’re grasp. They must have been ex-shinobi and it didn’t help that her taijutsu was lacking. Lucy struggle further but to no avail.
“Now, now, no need to be so feisty. It seems as though you were not here for the party. Were you trying to expose me?” So Natsu was right. He is a fake. “Well, it doesn’t matter, a fair lady like you will fetch a fine price in the market. Those keys that are so dear to you, does that mean you are of the Fairy Tail clan?” Oh snap. “I’m very lucky indeed.”
            The men holding her snickered. More men appeared through the doors and passage ways. The Uchiha impersonator turned to them.
“Alright, let’s round them up and bring them to the ship! We need to quickly get out of here, the Hokage has made it extremely difficult to get out of port unnoticed.”
            Lucy’s face began to burn in rage and hot tears poured down her cheeks. The imposter turned towards her. Lucy gave him the biggest glare she could muster.
H-how could someone be this awful, this evil?!
“Oh, don’t give me that look, it’ll all be over soon.”
I was going to be a shinobi. I can’t be this weak…no, no this can’t be happening! Someone help me, anyone. PLEASE!!!
“Alright let’s go.”
            The men began to drag Lucy towards the door.
Please…please, somebody. Someone HELP ME!!!
            CRASH!!! The ceiling blew up and a blur fell through. Dust and smoke covered everything and made it hard to see what happened. The men’s grip loosened, but something slender like a rope wrapped around her waist and pulled upwards.
“It’s okay Lucy. We’re here to rescue you!”
            Lucy looked up to see Happy, the blue cat, had wrapped his tail around her. The thing was, he had wings!
            He flew up to the ceiling, barely dodging an explosion of flames from below. Standing in the midst of the fire was the figure of a man. The false Uchiha became enraged by the scene and yelled for the ex-shinobi to attack. If Happy was here that meant the man with him was Natsu. He had no chance! The women from earlier easily had thrown him against a wall. Lucy had to do something quick. She scanned the area for something to help him with and found her keys had dropped from Sasuke. Perfect! Now she could get payback.
“I know Happy, we’ve got to save him.”
“Not that…” Lucy looked up at him questioningly.
“I’m running out of chakra, which means…”
Oh drat.
Suddenly his wings disappeared and the floor came upon them, fast. You stupid cat!!! They landed roughly, but by Lucy’s keys. The men were advancing upon Natsu and were mere feet away. Lucy grabbed the closest one on the ring and ran her chakra through it. She was very fortunate that this summoning technique didn’t require any hand signs, but only a spoken command. She placed the key into a fallen water mug and shouted.
“Open Gate of the Water Bearer!!!”
            A poof of cloud appeared and in it a mermaid. She had long blue hair and fins to match it. The mermaid held a water jug and threw it towards Natsu and the men. The water flushed everywhere, sweeping Lucy and Happy along as well.Ha
“Not to me too!!!”
            Once the water had settled Lucy turned to the mermaid, enraged.
“You could’ve aimed a little better. You swept me and Happy along as well!” The mermaid looked at her disgusted.
“Oh my, did I hit those other guys? Well I was aiming for you.” She said mockingly.
“Aquarius!  I’m your master. I summoned you, you can’t attack me as well!” Aquarius glared at Lucy.
“Shut up you single runt. Now don’t summon me for a while, I’m going on a date with my boyfriend.” She leaned in closer. “With my boyfriend.”
“I know, you don’t have to repeat it!” The mermaid disappeared in a cloud of smoke, similar to that of a shadow clone. Lucy turned her attention towards the fallen men who were beginning to get up. The Sasuke impersonator turned towards her. She felt a shudder run down her spine.
“You won’t get away Fairy Tail.”
            A low growl slowly arose from behind her. Lucy turned to see Natsu, head down and angry.
“Shut up!”
            The Sasuke impersonator looked to him. He slowly got up, getting a little angry himself. He then ran towards Natsu while forming hand signs. Happy appeared out of nowhere and tried dragging Lucy away.
“Wha…hey! What are you doing? We got to help Natsu, he doesn’t have a chance!”
“He’ll be fine. Natsu didn’t mention before, but he’s a ninja as well.”
            Lucy looked at Natsu and noticed the band around his head. There was a crest in the middle and she couldn’t help but gasp. It was the symbol of Konoha. Natsu was a shinobi of Konohagakure.
“Fire style! Fire ball jutsu!!!” The Uchiha imposter blew a large fireball from his mouth towards Natsu. Lucy winced at the light and heat. There was no way he could’ve survived! The inferno of flames began to twist toward where Natsu was and began to dissolve…in his mouth…
“He eats fire?!”
            Everyone there was astonished, besides Happy. Natsu wiped his mouth and tore off his tattered coat leaving the under robe. He passed a fierce glare towards the imposter.
“ You dare to enslave people in the Land of Fire, claim to a Konoha shinobi, and impersonate Sasuke Uchiha, my father!”
            Natsu turned his shoulder to reveal the Uchiha crest implanted there on his left side. Lucy froze in astonishment. S-Sasuke’s son? A real Uchiha…The men and the imposter seemed to be just as stunned for they didn’t move. Flames began to emit from Natsu’s palms and enveloped his body.
“By the way your fire tastes terrible.”
            With that he gave a large huff and blew the inferno out. Everything was absorbed by the flames. Happy regained his chakra and flew Lucy away. Natsu ran around punching and throwing flames at everyone, completely destroying the building.
“How is he able to do that?” Lucy looked up towards Happy.
“Natsu has been able to master the Uchiha’s fire ability to the extent that he can take on the attributes of a dragon. That’s why he’s been trying to find his father, so that he can learn to become stronger as an Uchiha.”
“You mean, his fire abilities could almost be a form of a dragon sage mode?”

            Lucy looked down in amazement. One of the last Uchihas, and he was so incredible. It was just that he…
“He’s wrecking everything around him! He’s going too far!”
            His fire and extremely destructive punches had begun to effect the land and reached a forest that then had set on fire. Luckily it seemed none of the girls had been harmed. Happy put Lucy down, complaining about her weight. She ignored him and ran towards Natsu.
“Natsu! That’s enough! I need to get to Konoha!”
            A screech was heard as a whistle blew. Lucy turned to see that the local law enforcement was running up the hill. They must have heard all the noise and seen the fire. Oh no, they’ll think we had done this! As Lucy was staring towards the shouting men, something grabbed her hand. Lucy turned to meet solid red eyes. Natsu smiled and pulled her to the non-burning forest as Happy flew overhead.
“Come on!”
“W-wait! What are you doing? Don’t involve me!!!”
            Natsu gave her the biggest grin.
“You wanted to go to Konoha right?”
            Lucy paused. Then a large smile spread across her face.
            They ran towards the setting sun, onward to a village hidden in the leaves.      


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